About Us

Frank Lanza Migration Services, a full-service migration consultancy firm, located in Cairns, Queensland, Australia, has helped applicants in all visa categories come to Australia to live, work, and retire.

We have a deep understanding of the migration system, earned from many years of experience. We know how to maximise your chance of getting a visa despite the fact that the immigration has been tightening up acquisitions of any visas . Many times we have secured visas for customers who were turned away by other migration agents.

We are honest and direct in telling our customers about the chance of success. We will tell you if your application is unlikely to succeed - you will not waste time and money waiting for a visa only to be disappointed.

We believe in an open and welcoming Australia, and we take great pride in introducing visitors to beautiful Tropical North Queensland. Our Migration Agents are fully licensed and registered, and experienced in all areas of migration law.

Our aims are:

  • to help people who want to come to Australia sort through the frustrating process of applying for a visa; and
  • to provide personalised assistance and information to clients at every stage of the application process.

We are fully up-to-date on changes in Australian immigration law. Our legal expertise is crucial to making an objective and realistic assessment of your case, and is particularly important should you need to appeal a decision of the immigration authorities.