Employment Match Service for Job Seekers

Many people find it difficult to find an employer in Australia who is willing to sponsor them because the employers are not certain that the person has the appropriate level of work skills and English language ability for Australia.

Employment Match Service will help you become ready for Australian employers to sponsor you and will make you more employable as it will:

  • Remove the doubt from any potential employer about your skills ability as you will have a recognised Australian Industry document confirming your skills level.
  • Remove the doubt from any potential employer about your ability to obtain a visa as you will be issued a letter from Frank Lanza Migration Services confirming that in our opinion your application is ready. That is, that you appear to meet the basic requirements as a sponsored visa applicant. Please note, the final decision on any visa application always rests with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC).
  • Enable your potential employer to review sponsorship requirements and access Frank Lanza Migration Services to discuss employer sponsorship requirement for your situation.
  • Show you are very proactive, professional, organised and very serious about wanting to move to Australia as you have already completed these assessments yourself.

Employment Match Service for job seekers includes:

  • Confirming you meet Australian Industry Standards for your occupation (Skills Assessment)
  • Confirming your English language ability if required (IELTS test)
  • Confirming your application is ready and eligible to be sponsored by the employer (Letter from Frank Lanza Migration Services confirming your visa ready status)
  • Providing the potential employer with some initial information on the employer sponsorship requirements for a visa
  • Enabling any potential employer access to Frank Lanza Migration Services to discuss employer sponsorship requirements for your situation


Frank Lanza Migration Services will undertake the following responsibilities in providing you with the Employment Match Service.

Stage 1: Initial Assessment

The assigned Migration Agent will:

  • Make an Initial Assessment of your personal circumstances to determine the most appropriate Skills Assessment you may be able to apply for
  • Examine and assess the information and documentation provided

Stage 2: Detailed Assessment and Document Check

The assigned Migration Agent will:

  • Collect all necessary information and documentation relating to the Skills Assessment applicaiton
  • Examine and assess all the information provided
  • Inform you if we believe that the documentation provided is sufficient, and the likelihood of a successful application, based on the information provided
  • Advise you of any factors that may increase the prospects of a successful Skills Assessment application

Stage 3: Application Preparation and Submission

The assigned Migration Agent will:

  • Review all the material provided by you
  • Prepare the Skills Assessment application and associated decumentation
  • Lodge the Skills Assessment application

Stage 4: Application Processing and the Decision

The assigned Migration Agent will:

  • Closely monitor your Skills Assessment application until a decision on the case is made
  • Keep you informed of any communication from Skills Assessing Authority that concerns the processing of the application, and if any further requests for information or documentation are made
  • Inform you of the result of the Skills Assessment application


Employment Match Service also Includes:

  • Complementary Q&A Ticket Service: You will receive unlimited access to the assigned Migration Agent who will help you with any queries you encounter for 12 months.
  • Live-Chat Consultation and Phone Consultation: you receive multiple live-chat and phone consultations for free of charge with the assigned Migration Agents to discuss any details of your case.