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Giuliano Alberti (Italy)

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS, subclass 857)
Visa granted date: 14 September 2012
Frank Lanza Migration Services: Prime Visa Service

Ater attaining my degree in Cultural Heritage in Italy, I completed a graduate diploma in Education at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane. My plans were to start a teaching career in Queensland primary schools, but I soon found that, even with my qualifications, remaining in Australia was not easy.

After university I moved to Cairns, where I contacted Frank Lanza. He immediately took my situation seriously and strived to find a personalised solution to help me achieve my dreams. What I am most thankful about is his understanding of my life choice and my need for support and assistance. I believe that, even though my case was full of hurdles due to many sorts of technicalities, Frank and all his staff did a great job in building a safe path to my RSMS visa. My application was accepted with no problems at all and I was granted permanent residency after only 6 months. I am now happily working as a language teacher in Cairns state and private schools.


Didik Karyanto (Indonesia)

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS, subclass 119)
Visa granted date: 3 July 2012
Frank Lanza Migration Services: Prime Visa Service

Didik KaryantoDuring my holiday and also when I was learning English in Cairns in December 2011, I met someone fortunately who wished to sponsor me as Pastry Chef in his company. Cairns? Hmm... why not? Beautiful city, great climate and lovely people surrounded, I said just the best!

I started looking for information for a good immigration agent. Because I have a prospective sponsor who prepared to sponsor me, it would be good to have the best immigration agent. All English teachers in the college, even classmates suggested to see Frank Lanza Immigration Agent.

Yup, as everyone gave me the same advice who I should see, why not? And walah... they are so cooperative, helpful and friendly. I always get information on my visa status when I'm back in Jakarta for my English test.

I don't know what to say when I got news that my visa has been granted. I thought the process will take at least 6 months, so I decided to go on holiday in Bangkok, and take some courses as well. I was still in Bangkok, and just extended my visa and paid my apartment in Bangkok when I got news that my Australian Permanent Resident Visa was granted. It's just 3 month process, and oh my god... I got permanent resident visa! I was so lucky to find and met up with Frank Lanza and all staff. They are really helpful!

So my advice to anyone who wants to study, stay or work in Australia, you have to have skills and capability but on the top of that, you need the best and reliable Immigration Agent. Make sure you can sleep well and no worry about your visa at all.


Audrey Carolina Fujie Gomes & Fabio Coelho Bispo (Brazil)

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS, subclass 857)
Visa granted date: 21 May 2012
Frank Lanza Migration Services: Prime Visa Service

Audrey and FabioMy husband and I decided to come to Australia to have a better quality of life. We arrive in Cairns with a student via for an English language course and a Business Management diploma to attend to.

Our visa was for 6 months only and before we decided to apply for another student visa, the restaurant that I work for decided to sponsor me. The owner from the restaurant and several friends recommended Frank Lanza as the best immigration agent in town.

Since the beginning we felt we could trust in Frank and his work. Liana, Taku and all staff were always very helpful, patient and friendly with us and all our doubts... Trust me, we had a lot of questions about our visa, bridging visa, working hours, paperwork and so on.

Our visa was granted 5 months after the application and I have no words to express our happiness to finally have a permanent resident visa in Australia. It means that everything we have worked for was worth it and now we can finally live the life we have always dreamt.

If you are planning to live in Australia, make sure you work hard and try to have a diploma from here. It will help you in the end. And make sure you have a good immigration agent as I did... It makes all the difference in the end of the day.


Jongdae Lee (Korea)

Regional Sponsored Migration SchemeJongdae Lee
(RSMS, subclass 119)
Visa granted date: 12 April 2012
Frank Lanza Migration Services: Prime Visa Service

I found that Australia is a great country to live. A lot of opportunities to work, great people and nice weather. Therefore, I made a decision to immigrate to Australia. I fortunately found Frank Lanza Migration Services.

Frank suggested that I had an option with Subclass 119 visa that allows me to remain in Australia permanently. I lodged my visa application with Frank Lanza. It was great that anything I wondered about, they gave me all information.

And finally 5 months 12 days after I lodged my visa application, my visa has been granted. I was lucky I found Frank Lanza Migration Services.

Australia is a great country. It will give you a lot of opportunities and great life!!

You do your best and dream will come true!